With the current COVID-19 crisis, we are working as hard as we can to get your orders out - please bear with us!
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    Covid-19 Update

    Covid-19 Update

    How are you? It's a question, that for the first time nobody has a single phrase answer for. It is April 2020 (isn't it?), Coronavirus is a pandemic and we are all in isolation. All those things that we took for granted before, those things that gave us a boost when things got tough, the support network that was there for every beck and call have been locked behind front doors! Like many of you, we felt like the hardest part of the year was over - WINTER - and we were on our way up! 

    Where do we stand?

    We're still accepting orders, and we're still making sure they get sent out. However, we ask for patience, as to make sure that we kept our staff safe we are down to skeleton staff, which translates as me, mum & dad! It means that the only people coming in and out of the workshops are people that either live together or are at minimal risk. So, we're not going to stop - we're going to do everything in our power to make sure that you have everything you need to keep going!  

    And what's the plan going forward?

    We've decided to change this situation around and we are using the time to make some exciting and beneficial changes to the business, that means that we are going to come back with BANG! We finally have that time for product development, business organising and personal growth that we haven't had a chance to even look at for nearly two years. Mum & I are avid list writers (yes, that means dad is not!), and we have always have two lists on the go - the day-to-day list and the dream list. And for the first time we actually looked at the dream list to see if any of it could be achieved, and now a portion of every week is being dedicated to that list - because, why not? No time like the very slow, restrictive present to start building those plans.

    And how are you?

    The independent community is also one of the most important parts that's keeping our morale strong - we're keeping an eye on each other and it is a wonderful thing to see. So please don't think we're just here to fulfil your orders! Do you need a chat? Or any further support? We are being as flexible as possible - so just pop us an email and lets see how we can help! 

    So how are we feeling? Positive, inspired and we have the best will in the world to keep going and see the other side of something that will inevitably go down in history. Right now we are healthy, our friends & family are safe, and we have something to keep us going every day - Cole & Co. So if I had to try and put it into a single word answer I would say - grateful.

    Stay safe!

    Hannah, Liz & Kevin