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    We love working with stockists to create bespoke products. Please find below our terms and conditions - that we have in order to meet the expectations of both the client and ourselves. 


    Products Available - Although we do love trying new things, we do ask that the products chosen for a bespoke product range are within the realms of what we already do. These specifically relate to candles, soaps, luxury toiletries, and home fragrances. The pricing for these relate directly to our current wholesale price list - and the prices are adjusted according to how much we do for the client. All costs outsourced by Cole & Co on behalf of the client will be confirmed in the final proposal.


    Packaging & Containers - We already hold a large variety of different packaging and containers. Should the client choose to go for something different, this must either be sourced by the client or purchased pro-forma from us. It should be noted that should the client choose to go with packaging or containers sourced through us, it is usually more economical to buy in large quantities.


    Design - We do offer a service by which we can design labelling for bespoke products. However, this can add additional time onto the process and does have to be costed according to the level of work required. We are also happy for the client to design their own labelling, should they wish, and we can provide with a 'white label’ product service. 


    Labelling - Should the client choose to use our design service or have the client’s designs applied to our existing labels and sizes, we do have to charge for the labelling costs pro-forma. This is due to the fact that once again, we have to order the labels in larger quantities in order to bring the cost per label down to a reasonable price (normally beginning at approx. 200 labels).


    Minimum Order - With a bespoke product order, we still maintain our minimum order of £60 (exc.VAT) and carriage free over £150 (exc.VAT).


    Lead Times - As this agreement is for a range of bespoke products for the client, design and production happens alongside our regular range. We ask that the client takes into consideration that products can take longer to be produced, and the design process can take upwards of a month depending on the products chosen. 


    Invoicing - Prior to invoicing the client will receive a detailed final proposal outlining all costs involved along with a realistic timeline and final design decisions. Should this be the first order placed by the client, payment for a bespoke order should be paid for pro-forma, before we go ahead and order any of the necessary bespoke components. If the client has ordered from us before, then we solely ask for the payment of any bespoke element such as the labels or packaging pro-forma and then the finished products will be added onto the clients 30 day account.